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To our Valued Customers:

Availability of PV modules will be limited in the second half of 2017. We'd like to share more information about the likely shortage's causes.

1. The trade case initiated by Suniva and joined by SolarWorld seem to be the principal cause of the shortage. Consequently, developers of large commercial and utility-scale projects have been buying large quantities of PV Modules in advance as a hedge against the limited supply.

2. The local USA market has slowed down, and foreign manufacturers have looked to the rest of the world for new clients and have opened new markets for their products.

3. A lot of the Chinese manufacturers have cut off shipments to the USA in anticipation of the possible punitive action coming out of the Section 201 trade case.

4. We have witnessed a notable 10 to 15 cents per watt price increase in Tier-1 Chinese modules in the past month.

If you have a project coming up, or one you have been working on, please be aware, that as the year goes on, prices are expected to rise and PV modules are coming into short supply.

If you see that the panels you want are available, we strongly recommended you make your purchase now instead of waiting a few months. Those panels will more than likely be long gone and if they are still available they will not be at the same price.