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The Power Predictor is an anemometer that measures wind speed, wind direction and solar.
Have you ever wondered how much energy you could produce at your home or business?
What is it?
The Power Predictor anemometer measures solar and wind energy at your site. It comes with a data logger and one year's free access to an online account where your data will be analyzed. The report compares the main wind turbines and solar panels on the market today, in terms of payback, annual energy generation, cost savings and effect on your carbon footprint.

The Power Predictor answers these questions simply, quickly and easily:

• The Power Predictor assesses the suitability of your site for renewable energy, specifically solar and wind.
• The Power Predictor allows you to affordably and easily collect real life solar and wind data from your site.
• The Power Predictor produces customized power reports for your site including carbon savings and annual energy generation estimates.
• The Power Predictor tells you how much money you could save by installing the major wind turbines or solar panels on the market before you buy, avoiding expensive mistakes.

Power Predictor.

Power Predictor in the box.
• 3-cup pulse anemometer with data logger
• Wind speeds accurate to +/- 3% in independently verified tests
• Wind vane for measuring prevailing wind direction and turbulence (requires correct orientation)
• Solar sensor for recording solar irradiation
• Power Predictor web application works through your browser - with PC or Mac
• Self contained waterproof data logger engineered for low power operation
• LCD screen provides live windspeed and solar indication
• 512 MB SD memory card included with USB adaptor
• PP3 9V battery supplied
• 5m cable (6m extension cable available separately)
• Requires USB 1.0 or 2.0 port on your computer
• Minimum 30 days data required before report generated
• Rugged UV resistant ABS plastic
• RoHS compliant and fully CE certified
Power predictor extension cord.
6m Extension cable.
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