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Sorry Debbie, I didn't get your email until after the panels were delivered.  There's someone at that address until 6:00pm M-F so it worked out okay and I now have the panels.  Thanks for the good followup service and pricing. I will recommend your company.


Hello John! Please excuse me for not getting back to you, I thought I had! Yes, our hand pump IS up and running and we are very pleased to have installed this addition. Thank you very much for your assistance, and for taking your  time to make sure we were taken care of.  It is reassuring and heartening! 

Best regards,
Rod N

Absolutely.  Works like a charm.  Having never had a manual pump before I wasn't sure what to expect.  You were correct that the larger handle is overkill but it doesn't cause any problems so an inexpensive mistake for a newbe.
I keep waiting for the power to go out :) but my kids like to drink from it when playing outside, COLD water and beats a hose.
Don D


Thanks so much for the advice and commitment.  Hope you can make it to the straits area at some point so I can buy you dinner or put you up in a hotel for the weekend for all your help over the years.  
Thanks again,

Thank you for your time and follow-up!

Hi John,
Thank you very much for your help.

 It has always been clear to me that you are not just selling stuff – you are really there to help – and you see each job through to its successful completion.  I was so impressed with your CAD layout/etc.  Clearly, much thought went into all this...and I never felt like I was fending for myself.  I really appreciate that!

I have had no issues with my system--I went live December 3 2012
It seems to be working well---only wish we had had a sunnier winter
so far today I have made  47.8 kwh, the best yet, its been sunny and
the days are getting longer.  The highest peak period I have noticed
is 7444 watts (it maxes out at 7559)

So far my total output is   1405 kwh.

I believe I have a very good system, and only time will tell

Event horizon seems to have done a terrific job, and I would recommend
them to anyone


Not an easy purchase, not an easy product; but, John, you were very helpful in making the purchase happen.  Thanks.

Ron K

Yeah, and we also made the news.
Everything went really well.

Thanks for all of your help John.
We could not have done it without you

Hi John
Solar panels, & inverters are here !!  Everything looks good.  Thanks for your help.

Dear Event Horizon

We love our solar system and it is performing better than expected! Thank you for the wonderful experience and customer support. Highly recommended.

I installed a 10Kw array at my home with the help of my son and am very pleased with the outcome. Never thought I could do it and it only took us about two weeks.  John was a great help in providing all the diagrams and phone support.
Fred L

Hey guys!

Solar pool heaters are working perfect. Wish I had put these in last year!!!

Thanks! Wayne


The Air turbine is working well but I think like you said, I need to add a couple solar panels. I'll get with you next week to order. Thanks for all the help!

John D

Install went very well. We are happy.

Fred and Martha

Event Horizon Solar
Thank you so much! Everyone comments on how well the job was done and we are very pleased with the service you guys provided.
Mike and Wendy S.

Even the not so good...

There were some issues early on but not all your fault. The system is working really well so in the end I am a happy camper

Frank L



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